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Vacationing during Storm Season: Choosing Wisely

November 22nd, 2014

For my honeymoon, we went to Cancun, Mexico on June 12th. This is right in the middle of the “hurricane season” and right in the middle of “hurricane alley.” Many people like to travel during these months of the year, from June until November. It’s usually a good idea to go somewhere that at least has some sort of evacuation plan in place, just in case the worst happens.

As we were there in Cancun, there were reports that there was a hurricane coming and was still a few hundred miles away from the shoreline. We didn’t have to evacuate because the hurricane was not to reach landfall until after we left.

Here’s the hurricane footage that destroyed our resort at El Capitan Lafytte:

We took off on the appointed day about a week after we got there and watched the news to see what had happened. As it turns out, our entire resort that we stayed at was totally wiped out. It was a really great spot on the beach too! But we could have been in a way worse way if we had been around for the hurricane. I didn’t hear of any tragic deaths, but there was an awful lot of property damage and loss.

What to Look For in a Good Vacation Spot during Storm Season

You want to be sure the spot you are looking for has a good storm protection plan and a good evacuation plan. Ask the folks who work there what the plan is in case of an emergency.

You need to be sure there is some sort of insurance on the property in case you lose your car or other possessions. Be sure to ask around before you book to see what is included in their vacationer insurance policies.

Check the local weather before traveling to ensure you aren’t flying directly into an eminent storm – this is most avoidable.

Be sure there is a lightning rod or some sort of lightning protection system in place just in case you have any electronics you’ll be plugging in to the wall.

Get your own gear into your suite case. Pack a poncho, umbrella, extra dry food and perhaps some bottled water in case of such an emergency. Also .. ahem, how about packing a knife in your check-in luggage, just in case it gets too crazy with the local looting etc… (just a thought, take it or leave it).

Also, don’t forget your favorite flashlight and other emergency gear like matches, a radio and be sure to have a battery charger for your cell phone in case you run out of electrical power for a few days.

I hope this advice spares you from a horrible vacation some day!