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Vacation Rentals in Luxury and On a Budget

October 28th, 2014

When you do end up deciding on where to head out of the state or country for vacation, what amenities are you looking for at your hotel or nearby? Many people don’t realize that most hotels these days have gotten rid of regular bath tubs and replaced them with either large showers or step in tubs which are great, but only suitable for one person (only upsetting if you want to bathe with a partner ;), but they give you the awesome feeling that you’re at an expensive spa. This, for many is a deal breaker – or deal maker (lots of news stories on this right now).

The Spa Treatment Out of the Country

envy walk in tubWe went to Mexico 3 years ago and stayed at a great spot in Cabo San Lucas. They had all the amenities of a 5 star resort including massages, buffet with delicious food, live music and so much more. But the thing we both enjoyed the most was the massage table down the beach in a little tent, right on the beach. For $20 we each got a one-hour massage, making the entire day seem relaxing and like we were actually on vacation. But when we went back to our hotel room we both thought it would be nice to take a soak in a bathtub but our room only had a shower. I realize this is a total “first world problem” but for a lot of folks, especially older folks, bathing is a luxury that they would love to have included in their experience.

Spa-like Bathrooms, Massages, Great food. How did we get it for only $199?

Nevertheless, we were glad to be there and we just steamed in the hot shower after a long day of sun, relaxing, margaritas and massages. This was one of the times when we left the kids with grandma and didn’t feel guilty. Now, the key to the entire vacation was that it only cost us $199 for 6 days and 5 nights plus airfare from LAX. How? We had to agree to sit through one of those cool (ahem…) timeshare presentations. That was the only catch to our luxury and spa-like vacation in Cabo Wabo. I didn’t mind the sales presentation too much except for the fact that they kept giving me Coronas – so by the end of the presentation we almost bought a timeshare (whew! glad we didn’t) but didn’t – and ended up finding them for sale on ebay :).

So, be sure you have your travel savvy on when you want to go for the ultimate experience of a 5 star hotel. You get a 5 star dining experience, bathing experience, and sleeping experience all for a 2 star price (or whatever a Marriott next to the airport costs for 5 nights). This was a fantastic voyage for us into the “timeshare” presentation world of vacationing. You usually have to make $50k or more / year, have to be married, need a credit card in your name and have to be over 30yrs old … usually. Just do a search of timeshares in Mexico or wherever else you want to go and they will schedule you with a really sweet deal. Good luck and happy vacationing!