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Staying Happy Helps You Make More Money

September 16th, 2014

There has been quite a bit of new research around what is called the “facial feedback hypothesis” – basically stating that your facial expressions are related to your emotions (depression, happiness etc…), which are related to your income potential, believe it or not.

There was a local news story I read on line about a study that involved a San Diego botox doctor who’s patients are reporting an increase in happiness because the look on their face is better than it was before getting a treatment. Now I’m of course no stranger to what a smile can do when I’m on the receiving end from someone who gives me a smile. But I had no idea what the effects might be of me giving a smile – even if nobody sees it – can have on me, myself. It turns out that smiling can actually alter you mood. Try it right now and see if you don’t experience a small amount of joy lifting your soul. I am doing it as I write this blog, can you feel it? :)

Happiness Increases Earning Potential


Since I know you’ve been saving a ton of dough using “staycations” instead of spending a ton on leaving town on an airplane, you could add to those savings and increase your wealth by being happy. Read more about how happiness influences your earning potential here> . It’s pretty exciting to be able to simply smile, or get some wrinkles removed (maybe you could spend your saved money on that botox mentioned above) and ultimately increase your overall earning potential, which compounded over time can have a significant impact on your level of comfort. After all, money doesn’t make you happy, happiness comes from the inside. Money increases your level of comfort. So if it makes no difference as to whether you have it as to whether you’re happy or not, you might as well have it and at least be comfortable. So give a smile not just to a stranger at the store, but to yourself. You deserve it, you awesome person you.

Save Money on Furniture in the Long Run

September 5th, 2014

I recently watched Dave Ramsey give a good talk about saving money to buy furniture. He gave the advice that instead of going in to debt, you should save and pay cash, and the “90 days same as cash” isn’t really same as cash because all stores know that 75% of the people who come in for that deal end up paying interest. It’s not the same as cash because people who walk in to a store to buy a piece of furniture that has a sticker price of $2,500 can barter if they have cash – interesting concept Dave!

Industrial Strength Furniture will Last You a Lifetime

A great point to note is that when you buy well, you will not end up having to buy often. In other words, buying cheap furniture at a place like IKEA usually means that you end up purchasing furniture every year or two, and definitely after each time you move. In the long run, say after 10 years of buying dressers at IKEA, a new one every year and a half or two years, you will end up spending close to $1500. If you flip this around and spend something like $1500 upfront, on a piece that will last you a lifetime, then you are actually making an investment, especially if the piece of furniture grows in its value over time instead of depreciates or falls apart like so many box store items. Check out a cool modern industrial furniture store called combine9.com and get some real authentic vintage industrial or modern industrial furniture that will literally last you a lifetime, and even become something that you will hand down to your children. Instead of throwing money away on throw a way items, you are actually building equity if you buy things that last a lifetime. It’s almost like the difference between renting a home in owning it!

Saving Money While Gaining an Amazing Piece of Vintage or Modern Furniture

Not only will you be saving money in the long run, you will be living in your home with a true piece of useful artwork. If you find a piece that truly matches your personality and style, it will become something that you will not only be proud of , But will become the centerpiece of any room. And when you are proud of something in that room, the chances are, you are going to take better care of everything else in the room, a double money saver!! So perhaps the old adage is true, spend money on the right stuff So you don’t have to spend money on a lot of stuff. That is our budget – smart tip for the week! Find anything worth sharing? Shared here, we love to hear comments. -@Janice  :-)