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Saving money with Staycations

June 19th, 2014

When Staying in Town for Vacation Makes Sense

Recently, a trend towards “stay-cations” (when you take time off of work and spend money at home – doing things locally instead of traveling) has helped thousands of families to find money for things they love. This blog is dedicated to helping you find great ways to building equity instead of “renting” a place for a few days in a far away land.

It Might Not be Sexy

It’s always fun and exciting to hit the road – or the skies to go on vacation. And it’s sexy to tell co-workers that you went somewhere exotic. But what if you shifted your paradigm and invested money somewhere else. What if you made some purchases during a “staycation” that come from your vacation budget? Learn some of the top recommendations for an overall improved lifestyle year after year that will stretch your vacation budget far beyond a week in Cabo.

These guys are hilarious:

I will be presenting you with some ideas in the next few weeks / months that have increased my yearly enjoyment of my vacation spend and built a new kind of equity – the kind that helps my family enjoy life just a little bit more each day instead of only for a few weeks of the year. Oh, and ya you can still take your vacation time off and enjoy time well-spent without spending all your money. Stay tuned ;) – Janice